Could you be the next Tarantino?

Culture Works East is recruiting young film makers in Norfolk and Suffolk for the BFI Film Academy .

Culture Works East is recruiting young film makers in Norfolk and Suffolk for the BFI Film Academy . Photo: BFI - Credit: BFI

Aspiring young film-makers have the chance to prove they could be the next Hitchcock, Spielberg or Tarantino this October half-term.

Movie enthusiasts between the ages of 16 and 19 are being invited to take part in an exciting five-day film challenge in Great Yarmouth over the autumn break.

Starting on October 24, the course will give passionate teens the opportunity to develop skills and learn techniques to help them build a career in film-making.

Organised by Norwich-based arts group Culture Works East, the program will be held at the Priory Centre and is the first part of the British Film Institute's Academy, for which applications are now open.

Participants will be trained in a number of different aspects of film, from writing and directing, through to production, editing and camera work.

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They will also receive hands-on experience of film-making and the opportunity to plan, shoot, and produce their own feature.

Culture Works artistic director Elli Chapman said: 'This is a great opportunity for any young film-maker who is already developing their film work as part of education or in their own time and is considering a career in any part of the industry.

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'We are really excited about this year's two courses.'

Amanda Nevill, chief executive of BFI, said: 'Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing the BFI able tom ake a contribution to opening doors and offering opportunities for the next talented generation.

'We know how important it is to do this, to nurture and support the gifted and talented, because the future of our industry depends on them.'

The second course will be held in Norwich in January.

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