Could Norfolk Heatwave’s Certain Death be the hottest chilli sauce made in the county?

The promise of certain death hardly seems like the most appealing way to sell a product, but the Norfolk creator of a quirky new hot chilli sauce says it is proving a hit with the public.

Certain Death is the latest chilli sauce from Norfolk Heatwave and its creator Glyn Kirpalani believes it is the hottest sauce created in the county.

Mr Kirpalani, pictured, whose family originally hail from Trinidad and Tobago, said: 'I think you could call it Norfolk's hottest sauce.

'When I sell Certain Death at markets I guarantee it will kill you within 100 years or you get a full refund – the small print says you must be aged 20 or over when you buy it – and most people find it quite funny.'

Certain Death is a hotter adaptation of Norfolk Heatwave's Caribbean Hot Pepper Sauce which is based on a family recipe taught to Mr Kirpalani by his dad.

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He said: 'I have stayed all natural and I have increased the heat with Bhut Jolokia peppers – one of the hottest chillies in the world.

'Most people find the standard sauce very hot – so Certain Death is certainly not for the faint-

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Norfolk Heat-wave is based in Wey-bourne, near Holt, and the company's products are sold at the Colman's Mustard shop in Norwich and various Norfolk outlets and farmers markets. With sales of Certain Death going well since its launch this summer it seems there are already lots of people wanting to take on the challenge of the Certain Death chilli sauce. Mr Kirpalani said that at the Royal Norfolk Show it outsold Norfolk Heatwave's original chilli sauce by three bottles to one.

Reporter David Bale gives his verdict: 'The new Certain Death hot chilli sauce is said to be the hottest sauce in Norfolk.

It's definitely noticeably hotter than the original sauce but its effect does not kick in straight away. It has a delayed reaction. Seconds after trying it, it kicks in and your tongue starts to burn.

'It definitely clears the airways if you've got a head cold. But if you are used to really hot curries, such as phal, then you will be able to take it quite easily. For those who prefer milder curries and sauces, it may be a tad strong.

'I liked it but would like to see them come up with something even stronger – now, that would be a challenge.'

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