Could Broads tourism take on a new direction in wake of funding cuts?

Simon Partridge, Director of the How Hill Trust. Picture: James Bass

Simon Partridge, Director of the How Hill Trust. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

A shake-up of the way tourism is promoted on the Broads could be on the horizon.

The chairman of Broads Tourism, Simon Partridge, has asked members for views on the future of the lobby group amid fears of serious cuts to funding in the government's spending review this week.

Mr Partridge, who also runs How Hill, said there is a growing appetite for change among the boat yards, restaurants and businesses.

At a meeting later this week he will ask members to choose areas they want efforts and cash to focus on – from marketing and lobbying to developing funding opportunities and working with the Broads Authority.

He said: 'As an organisation, Broads Tourism has a lot to be proud of. We have had much success but are now seeing a decline in members and we must acknowledge the very real possibility of less financial support from the Broads Authority if government grants are cut again.'

An average of 30pc looks set to be cut from the Defra budget, which could see 25pc sliced from national parks grants.

The Tourism Strategy, a document which outlines the five-year-plan for attracting visitors to the Broads, is currently under review,

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Mr Partridge said the organisation, which is independent from the Broads Authority, needs a new direction. 'At the moment I don't think members have a clear idea of the direction of what Broads Tourism is all about,' he said.

'I would say I am not absolutely convinced that I know the answer to that at How Hill and I think we should stop trying to be everything to everybody and instead should be doing one thing really well.

'What we really need is to get more and more people into the Broads. We have one of the best areas in the country to attract people to and we should be out there selling ourselves all over the place.'

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