Company seeks permission to fly 20ft blimp from premises

A blimp in Norfolk. Photo: Ed NashArchant © 2005

A blimp in Norfolk. Photo: Ed NashArchant © 2005 - Credit: Archant © 2004

A company is seeking permission to fly a 20ft blimp from its premises in Wymondham.

James Gulliver, from Netmatters Ltd, has applied to South Norfolk County to fly the gas-filled balloon from Penfold Drive.

Documents submitted alongside the application state it will feature white lettering on a black background.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has permitted the unmanned balloon to be flown 'at or above' 60m above ground level.

But it said the blimp must not go above 200ft, and should only be flown in weather which enables it to remain at least 1,800m horizontally and 1,000 ft vertically away from cloud.

The CAA said the balloon should not be left unattended unless it is fitted with a device which ensures deflation should it break free of its moorings.

The permission is for daylight hours between March 5, 2018 to March 5, 2019.