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Comments of the week

Comments of the week - Credit: Archant

Every week we look back at some of the biggest stories that got you talking, and highlight a few comments that stood out to us.

The week, the big story that got you talking was: Jonny Howson admits Norwich City have to look after number one when former boss Paul Lambert brings Aston Villa to Carrow Road on Saturday

Here are just a few of your comments about the story:

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Dubai Canary

Doing the analysis, it looks for all that whatever happens Wigan are now the third relegation candidate. Villa's win over Sunderland will mean nothing come Saturday - for Norwich it is more about setting the record straight. I believe we have the motivation to win and it should be a cracking game. Hopefully we will see some better football from City than we have in some of the recent games. However, at this stage of the season we would probably all accept an ugly win !

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I'd rather Mr.Howson and his fellow players let their feet do 'the talking' on the pitch rather than in the press or on twitter. Fact is that most have risen to their level of incompetence this season. After Mondays win over Sunderland, Villa will be on a high and NCFC will need to match the desire and determination of their opponents - I hope that they can and that Dubai Canary is correct.


Is this a must win game or a Can't afford to lose game? Won't know until we see the team selection and setup on Saturday. I for one, hope we set up for a win.


Sorry Dubai, reading Howson's comments we DON'T have the motivation to win. Howson is saying we are in a far better position than Villa - we aren't! He's saying that to the players it's just another game. It isn't and any fool can see that it isn't. Villa's win over Sunderland means everything. They will be up for it even before Lambert fires them up even more. Will the message be 'Bravo, win or die' or 'Villa are a very good side' from our lifeless management team at Thursday's Press conference? Hmm, I wonder.

Ded Sterile

I'm seriously worried about the outcome of this one. Many posters allude to the fact that we should be safe and wwe should be, but what if...I dread and I hope I'm wrong that a Colchester debacle awaits us. However, if it's bad and we do stay up, maybe bravehearts on the board will act.

Robin Hood

The big question is whether Hughton will let his dogs off the leash. If you need to chase down a rabbit, it's no use whatsoever having the best guard dogs in the world, nor even greyhounds, if they're tethered.


Worse thing that could happen is needing a point at Man City on the last game. Kamara off the wing please, use him as a super sub


I've been supporting City for long enough (1972) to know that anything is possible. Formbook suggests a tough afternoon Saturday but who saw the S'land Villa result coming? It may well be squeaky bum time very soon but lets give every support we can for the next couple of weeks. I for one have strong reservations regarding Hughton but I have confidence in McNally to take the right decision come end of season. Oh to be there Saturday. Those are the games that make being a supporter so precious.


Good, constructive comment, Konrad. I agree that CH has done a very good job in constrained circumstances with some very shrewd player acquisitions. Both Turner and Bassong have greatly benefitted from his coaching and look very dependable at the heart of the defence. To be calling for his dismissal is extremely shortsighted and reflects far more on his critics than on him. A very successful career in the investment business in Canada covering 45 years taught me that there is no substitute for long term thinking and toughing out the inevitable short term rough patches. Smaller clubs with fewer players and resources are especially vulnerable to the latter. Let's not go back to our old reputation for being a graveyard for managers.


We're going to have to attack, none of this 4-5-1 defensive negative stuff. 4-4-2 usual back four, Pilks, Johnson, Howson and Bennett to add some pace and attacking drive and then Kamara and Holt up front. If we can get a lead, bring Snodgrass on 70 minutes or so and play the 4-5-1 to try and hold on. And I don't know why Howson's making it sound like we're safe, anything can happen! If we win this we surely will be but we've got to really go for it Saturday! OTBC

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