Colourful surprise for North Walsham garden-lover

Keen gardener Peter Taylor got a lovely surprise when he got home from a Christmas break to see his much-loved camellia in full bloom.

For the first time in the 40 years that the bush has been at the Bradfield Road, North Walsham home the 79-year-old shares with wife Monica, it is in flower in the middle of winter.

Mr Taylor said the first flower opened in November, but the subsequent show had 'surprised' him.

He said: 'It usually flowers later in the year, but we've got 50-60 blooms at the moment. I've had more blooms than I've ever seen, and the weather must be playing a part.'

Mr Taylor added: 'I've put no fertiliser or water on it and given it no special care. We were at Stowmarket for our Christmas holidays, and I asked my brother Dennis to keep on eye on the house.

'He looked in the garden and was amazed at what he saw.'

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