College staff from South Africa visit hi-tech Kenninghall Primary School to see how pupils use iPads

A trend-setting Norfolk school, which was one of the first in the UK to have iPads, has attracted attention from halfway across the world.

News coverage last year about Kenninghall Primary School's iPads was spotted by Parklands College in Cape Town, South Africa, and last week the college got in touch with Kenninghall's headteacher Sam Nixon.

Three of Parklands' management team, who were visiting London for a conference, decided to see the school using its iPads. They also wanted to see the school's latest innovation – using Apple TV and LCD screens in each classroom to allow the children to instantly show their work.

The three visitors (one of the principals, the IT director, and a teacher) spent Monday at the school in lessons talking to staff and children. They also brought a book and a wooden giraffe as a gift to the school and answered questions from the children about South Africa – ranging from what time school starts to whether there are any poison snakes.

The three South Africans loved their visit and have gone back inspired and plan to implement a similiar system. The children at Kenninghall are now excited about the new link between the schools and plan to FaceTime their new partner school later this month when Parklands College gets its iPads. The two schools hope to plan a collaborative topic, possibly based around the Olympics, using the iPads to work together later this year.

Mr Nixon said: 'We are delighted that news of what we have been doing at Kenninghall has spread so far. It was wonderful for the children to find out so much about South Africa today and we are excited about collaborating with Parklands College using iPads in the near future.'

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