College of West Anglia principal checks out work of apprentice green keeper at Middleton Hall near King’s Lynn

From left to right (back) James Raines and Sally Jarrett, (front) David Pomfret and Ethan English. P

From left to right (back) James Raines and Sally Jarrett, (front) David Pomfret and Ethan English. Picture: Hannah Tuck - Credit: Archant

The College of West Anglia (CWA) is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week with its annual back to the floor event, where senior staff members join apprentices in the workplace to get a real taste of learning whilst earning.

Principal David Pomfret braved some harsh weather conditions as he joined level two horticulture apprentice, Ethan English, at Middleton Hall Golf Course. Ethan, aged 17, started his intermediate level apprenticeship straight after his GCSEs. On Monday, he demonstrated the art of changing a hole on the green, before carefully critiquing the principal as he had a go at the job himself.

Mr Pomfret thoroughly enjoyed his experience and said: 'It's been good to work side-by-side with Ethan and have him teach me a thing or two about green keeping. It's really important that I get to see how our partnerships with employers benefits both the apprentices and the businesses we work with. It's a very powerful reminder to me about the college's role in our community and I have really enjoyed my time at the golf club with Ethan.' Sally Jarrett, horticulture training and assessment coordinator for the CWA, said: 'Ethan consistently works ahead of target and is always keen to show me his developing skills and knowledge.

'He is very motivated by his sport and is a county golf player himself, as well as being the junior captain at Middleton, both of which are helping his green keeping career.' James Raines, head greenkeeper at Middleton Hall Golf Club, said: 'Ethan has been with me just short of a year now and I am very pleased with his progress. He's an enthusiastic employee and I think he will go far in his career.'

Ethan said: 'It was quite strange to have the principal join me at work but he did really well and managed to change a few holes on the green. I love playing golf and love the course at Middleton.

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'A horticulture apprenticeship is great option for anyone who likes working outside and earning while you learn.

'There are many different careers that a horticulture apprenticeship could lead to and I would highly recommend it.'

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Mike Johnson, proprietor of Middleton Hall Golf Club, said: 'I am delighted to have Ethan as an apprentice. He started last June and has progressed immensely since being with us.'

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