WATCH: City Legend Grant Holt makes surprise wrestling debut

Grant Holt with the Crusher Mason Trophy. Picture: WAW

Grant Holt with the Crusher Mason Trophy. Picture: WAW - Credit: Archant

Norwich City legend Grant Holt has launched his wrestling career with a win in the WAW British Wrestling's 40 man rumble.

The former Canaries striker, who helped win Norwich back-to-back promotions from League One to the Premiership, entered the rumble as a surprise guest at number 40.

He said on Twitter: 'Really pleased to win this tonight. Now off to bed first wrestling match done of many.'

Holt had been a football pundit on BT Sport earlier in the day covering Eastleigh Football Club against Dagenham and Redbridge.

He had only been back in Norwich for a couple of minutes before entering the ring.

Holt will pair with Zak Knight to take on Kosta K and Prince Malik. Picture: WAW/Twitter

Holt will pair with Zak Knight to take on Kosta K and Prince Malik. Picture: WAW/Twitter - Credit: Archant

Zak Knight, co-owner of WAW British Wrestling, has been working with Holt to get him in the ring.

He said: 'He managed to get back to Norwich and I said we are a spot short in the rumble do you fancy it?

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'He has made it clear wrestling is something he is interested in and last night he went in at number 40 and actually won it.'

Mr Knight made his first appearance in the ring when he was 10-years old. He now co-owns WAW with his father, Ricky Knight, who founded the company with his wife, Saraya Knight, in 1994.

The 25-year-old added: 'This isn't just a trophy that is a throwaway cup. We have had it going for 15 years, every year we have a Crusher Mason annual trophy with a 30 or 40 man Royal Rumble where people come from all over the world to compete.

'To have Holt in such a high calibre match was close to my heart as Crusher Mason helped my father start the company and was influential at the start of his career,

'The roof went off at Epic Studios, it was amazing.'

Holt competed in the match still wearing the clothes that he had appeared in on BT Sport just hours earlier. Mr Knight said it would be fine if he wanted to wear the same outfit, and moments later he was in the ring. Holt is continuing to train with WAW.

Mr Knight said: 'He is going to carry on training and is undergoing a serious routine. He even said when he came out he couldn't believe how fit you have to be to be a professional wrestler.'

A rumble match has contenders enter the ring every 30 seconds. Wrestlers are eliminated when they are tossed over the ropes.

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