Children’s clothing shop Cheeky Kids in Great Yarmouth to offer discount to claimants of Universal Credit

The inside of Cheeky Kids in Great Yarmouth's Market Place. Photo: Cheeky Kids

The inside of Cheeky Kids in Great Yarmouth's Market Place. Photo: Cheeky Kids - Credit: Archant

A clothing retailer is to offer discounts to people on Universal Credit.

The scheme is being run by independent retailer Cheeky Kids which is based in Great Yarmouth's Market Place.

The discount will be available for people who live in the borough who are on the benefit and they will be offered 10pc off the store's £6 or less range of children's clothes from Friday, April 21.

Director of Choules Retail and Leisure, Lee Choules, who owns Cheeky Kids said: 'The roll out of Universal Credit in Great Yarmouth has had an adverse effect on people, and while we are a business with profit aims, we also recognise that people are struggling and suffering great hardships.'

During the roll out of Universal Credit there have been issues that the claims process has caused long delays for some people.

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Universal Credit combines several other working-age benefits, including housing benefit and Job Seeker's Allowance, with a monthly instead of fortnightly payment.

Great Yarmouth was chosen as a pilot area for the government's new Universal Credit last spring and then later in Lowestoft.

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Mr Choules added: 'We have noticed a greater uptake of people being able to afford our clothing since we introduced the £6 or less pricing structure, whereas before, many people were coming into the shop saying they 'wished they could get that for.''

He said the latest incentive is another step at helping people within the community and a step further in their aim of being a community-focused independent retailer.

In addition, Cheeky Kids has also been working with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), to offer volunteering opportunities to people looking to gain experience and confidence on their journey to finding employment within the borough.

To date they have had three volunteers that have benefited from working in the shop.

Mr Choules said he stressed to the DWP that he would only take volunteers who wished to take up this opportunity voluntarily and would not consider anyone on 'work trials' who possibly were being forced to do a work trial.

In the run up to Easter the shop has given away free Easter eggs to its customers, and the business has also supported local causes such as the Tribal Trust and also Sweets for Charity.

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