Cheetahs claim jeep for themselves at Suffolk safari park

It would take a brave zoo keeper to reclaim this safari jeep that has been over-run by a pack of cheetahs in north Suffolk.

The cheetahs live at the Africa Alive wildlife park in 100 acres of parkland at Kessingland, south of Lowestoft.

As the fastest land animal on earth - reaching speeds of up to 75mph - even if the keepers did manage to get back behind the wheel, they wouldn't be escaping the cheetahs in this vehicle very quickly.

And the animals won't be losing their new toy any time soon either, as an Africa Alive spokesman explained: 'The jeep was placed in the enclosure, to enhance the African safari theme and to see if the cheetahs would use it as a vantage point and a resting area.

'As you can see from the photographs, they are absolutely enthralled by it and are using it in the way that staff at the park hoped they would.

'All six cheetahs immediately commandeered it, and spent ages going over every part of the vehicle.'

Find out more about Africa Alive at Kessingland by visiting

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