Business owner in dispute with town council over Aylsham Fayre

Charlie Hodson at his new venture, Hodson & Co Cheese Room with Delicatessen at Aylsham. Picture: D

Charlie Hodson pictured in October at his new venture, Hodson & Co Cheese Room with Delicatessen at Aylsham. Mr Hodson has just been given the all-clear after treatment for cancer. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

A Norfolk chef has hit out at a town council for not informing him and others of food fayre taking place in the North Norfolk market where his deli is based.

Charlie Hodson, who owns Hodson & Co Cheese Rooms in Aylsham, has accused the town council of leaving him "out in the cold" by not communicating the Aylsham Fayre, which is expected to attract hundreds of visitors, was happening.

But Aylsham Town Council has responded by saying the event was publicised on social media and it's not within its remit to inform businesses of every event which happens in the town.

On Sunday, May 23, Clear Company is taking its touring food fayre to Aylsham. The travelling event which features live music, street food, stalls, workshops and a bar is due to take place from midday to 5pm.

Mr Hodson says he and others were not made aware of the event and only found out about it when he was approached by the event organiser, asking if he wanted to be involved in a cookery demonstration.

In an email to the council, Mr Hodson said: "If we had been made aware of the event,  I myself, would have made plans to open my shop as I know Carousel Chocolates would have also.  I am sure we would not have been alone, as many other businesses within the town would have supported the event.

"I now feel lost for words that ATC have left us out in the cold on yet another occasion."

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Mr Hodson also expressed a "vote of no confidence" in the council.

In response to Mr Hodson's complaints, Sue Lake, the clerk to Aylsham TC, said it had replied to Mr Hodson's correspondence.

She said: "The event is not a town council event. It's organised by Clear Company and they are using our facilities. I'm not quite sure of [Mr Hodson's] reasons for a vote of no confidence. If people hire the town hall we don't normally tell every business in the town."

Ms Lake said the council was happy to work with businesses in the town and had publicised the fayre.

"We are more than happy to work with the businesses within our remit. It's Broadland Council's responsibility to liaise with businesses it's not actually part of our remit."