Why the question of trust is at the heart of everything we do at EDP

The EDP has been producing journalism for 150 years. Picture: Nick Butcher

The EDP has been producing journalism for 150 years. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher


For this newspaper and our website it is everything. Lose the trust of the reader and you really have very little left.

It's something we talk to our journalists about on an almost daily basis.

Have they checked and double checked sources? Is the information wholly accurate? Have we provided enough balance and context? Does the person who's telling us that information have their own agenda to push?

These are just some of the questions any self-respecting journalist should be asking on every story they tackle.

Of course we don't always get it right, at times our standards slip. My team and I are human just like everyone else.

It can also be harder to win trust in today's society when people's opinions are not only polarised like never before but also so vociferously made, often across their social media channel of choice.

The first EDP front page printed in 1870 and how the newspaper looks in 2021. Pictures: Archant

The first EDP front page printed in 1870 and how the newspaper looks in 2021. Pictures: Archant - Credit: Archant

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But it is something we take seriously. So when we recently launched our reader's survey to get a feel for what you like or dislike about our journalism, a question about trust had to be included.

The results were pleasing to see and I'm happy to share them with you as part of the pledge made last week to talk you through some of the changes you'll see with your EDP coverage over the next few weeks and months - and the reasons behind them.


Of the 3,000 EDP readers who took part in our survey earlier this year, 89pc said they trusted what they read within our newspaper and online.

A further 5pc said they generally did, while another 5pc said they didn't.

I was pleased with those results - but would love to work towards tackling the remaining 10 or 11pc who are yet to be convinced.

As I said last week, the survey has been a fantastic tool to help us make decisions about our content, what works - and what doesn't.

It's not a foolproof tool, but having some 3,000 opinions to call upon is a fantastic resource for us to use.

Archant is seeking fresh investors.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Archant, the home of the EDP. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

With that in mind we made our first significant change to our coverage within last Saturday's EDP by replacing our two Saturday supplements, namely Heaven and Weekend, with just one.

Our feedback, both in the survey and from general day-to-day conversations, was that while Weekend, with it's plethora of local features, featuring local people, was one of the most popular things we publish, Heaven was less so.

With that in mind, our new 72-page Weekend supplement still features the very best of those two products, including TV, puzzles, walks, local history and more - but now includes much more Norfolk and Waveney focused content, including a weekly big interview, more of a focus on local getaways and several other new local features.

I'm already incredibly proud of our Saturday edition of the EDP, and it remains a weekend staple in thousands of households.

Hopefully these changes will improve even further your enjoyment of the product. 

* If you'd like to give me feedback about what you like and don't like about the EDP please feel free to email me david.powles@archant.co.uk

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