Changes ahead for Cromer’s future mayors

The future mayors of Cromer look set to be aided by a 'spiritual advisor' as plans are also put forward to give the traditional role a 21st century overhaul.

Those stepping into the historic title could soon be supported by a vicar, priest or minister under a new resolution put together by the towns council's strategy committee.

The new spiritual advisor - chosen from the civic leader's local place of worship - would 'offer guidance to the mayor', help organise and lead the civic service and become reliant upon to work with the 'people of the parish in times of need or disaster'.

The heavenly proposal will be put to full council on Monday at the same time that the current mayor will put forward his plans to shake up and modernise the historic title.

Greg Hayman wants to change the procedures behind mayor making so all members of the town council get a chance to take on the civic responsibility.

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Among his proposals is to alternate the role between the sexes each year and make it policy that mayors only serve once in any four year period.

Mr Hayman said he had been asked to stay on in the role - as his term ends in May - but would be standing down as he wanted someone else to get a bite at the civic cherry.

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He added: 'I think in a democracy you share these things about and people can bring their own interests and personality to the role. It's the 21st century, we have got to make ourselves more accessible to a new generation of councillors.'

He believed having more women mayors would bring a 'different flavour' to the role as he thought the Cromer chains had been dominated by male owners.

'We're nearly 50pc women on Cromer Town Council and when you look at the list of people who have been mayor it's legions of men,' he added. 'I think they're modest changes but effective ones and I'm hoping that my colleagues will agree.'

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