Cat gets stuck on Long Stratton TV aerial

You may be mistaken for thinking this beautiful moggy perched on top of a television aerial was helping his neighbour prepare for the digi-tail switchover.

But the curious creature had in fact got himself stuck on the precarious ledge jutting 15ft in the air from a house in Manor Road, Long Stratton.

Home owner Peter Smith, 67, who took the photograph of the scaredy cat last Friday morning, said he and his wife were awoken to the sound of loud meowing.

'We heard this meowing and meowing.

I got out of bed and my wife said 'come and have a look at this' and there was the neighbour's cat sitting on the television aerial,' he said.

'You can see it was scared as the aerial is quite flimsily secured and it moves either way.

'We couldn't quite reach it from the window.'

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After alerting his neighbour, the petrified pet was finally brought safely back down to earth after its three-hour ordeal with the help of large ladder and a lot of coaxing.

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