Family and friends tell of Norfolk TV presenter's struggles

An inquest into the death of Norfolk-raised TV presenter Caroline Flack will open on Wednesday. Pict

Caroline Flack - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

The family and friends of Norfolk TV presenter Caroline Flack told how relationships, social media, losing her beloved job and the national press all affected her mental health in a television documentary. 

The Channel 4 programme, which aired on Wednesday night, explored the pressures surrounding the television personality, who grew up in the county, after she tragically took her own life at the age of 40 in February 2020. 

Friends and relatives told how losing her job as the presenter of Love Island after being arrested in December 2019 for the alleged assault of her boyfriend had affected her deeply. 

Jody & Caroline Flack, twin sisters, Norfolk, 1980s

Jody and Caroline Flack in the Norfolk countryside as young girls - Credit: Flack family

Her friend Louisa McDonald said: "She was devastated that was gone from her. There was no plan B. What was she going to be, a teacher?"

The documentary showed footage of Caroline filming a video of herself visibly upset three days after she was arrested and lost her job.

Caroline's mother Christine Flack, who lives near Thetford, and others such as singer Olly Murs reflected on how social media comments took a toll on her mental health, but she was unable to resist looking at it.

Chris and Caroline Flack at a River Island clothing event. Caroline passed up the chance to bring along celebrity pals in...

Christine and Caroline Flack together - Credit: Chris Flack

Mrs Flack said: "I would say 'just do not read it, get rid of your phone' but she would be looking at it constantly." 

The pressures of life also became overwhelming for Caroline who had ended up in hospital following a previous break-up. 

Caroline's sister Jody said: "She really did find heartbreak impossible."

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She added: "She was quite fascinated by the subject of suicide so I knew about that and it was something I tried to get my head around. For a long time it was something I had prepared for that could happen." 

The documentary touched upon how she found it difficult to settle with a partner and she found the lack of stability hard to take. 

It also showed footage of her singing and dancing with her twin sister as a child, as well as laughing with friends. 

Her friend Anna Blue said: "If she walked into a room it was like a light going on, which was a gift." 

The documentary concludes with friends and family reflecting on how much they miss Caroline, with one speaking about how they wished they had been able to do more to help prevent the tragedy. 

Olly Murs said: "I just know my heart breaks every time I think of Caz and what she must have went through to take her own life and that's going to hurt for a long time because we were great together." 

Mrs Flack, who shared a powerful message her daughter had written on Instagram days before she died, added: "I was proud of her, she was good at her job and I liked the fact she had so many people who really did like her. 

"It's awful you do not know that when you are feeling that bad."