Can you help Norwich & Mid-Norfolk RSPCA find this husky a home?

An animal charity is struggling to find the right home for a Siberian husky.

The RSPCA Norwich and Mid-Norfolk branch has had Mia in its care for 11 months now and it is not a lack of interest in the lovable dog that is keeping her in kennels, but her needs.

Dog behaviourist Danny Childs said: 'Mia has improved vastly in our care. She needs owners who will keep to a regular training schedule with her. She isn't a particularly large dog, but she can be a handful and really isn't suitable for everyone.

'Mia has behavioural issues around other dogs. She is actually rather rude to them in canine manners. She will go straight up to another dog; they don't like it and then she will appear aggressive. This is because she wasn't socialised as a puppy and she is confident and pushy by nature.'

The two-year-old husky needs someone who can manage her. Mr Childs, who has more than 20 years' experience of working with dogs like Mia, added: 'She is very affectionate, responds well to reward-based training and she is very bright, but her new owner needs to know that with this brightness is a manipulative streak and Mia craves attention, good and bad. Her new owner must not rise to her, they need to be patient, firm and fair.'

Mia is ideally looking for owners who are able to provide her with sensible, basic ground rules, plenty of patience and who have the energy to give her the exercise she needs as well as love and a good home environment.

Mr Childs said: 'Mia cannot live with other dogs and she can't live with other animals such as cats or rabbits – her hunting and chasing instincts are strong and she will need to stay on the lead.'

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Anyone interested in adopting Mia, or another RSPCA animal, can contact the charity on 01603 766001 or pop into its Paws Centre in Barrack Street, open Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am to 4pm.

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