Calls for safety improvements at busy crossing outside Yarmouth station

The crossing outside Great Yarmouth station which county councillor Mick Castle said needs to be imp

The crossing outside Great Yarmouth station which county councillor Mick Castle said needs to be improved. Photo: George Ryan - Credit: George Ryan

Steps are now being taken to tackle the problem of a pedestrian crossing outside Great Yarmouth station branded as 'no longer safe' by a county councillor.

Mick Castle, Norfolk county councillor for Yarmouth North and Central has expressed his concern over the safety of the busy throughfare.

He said motorists were not acknowledging it as a pedestrian crossing such that there were 'near misses' at the site.

In a message to the train operator, the Labour county councillor wrote: 'I am extremely concerned about the safety issues with regard pedestrian crossings in the curtilage of the Yarmouth station both in front of the main entrance and towards the Vauxhall Bridge and town centre.'

He said that he had asked the county and borough councils about what he deemed the urgent need to refresh the crossing markings as he believed pedestrians were no longer safe as motorists could no longer clearly see the lines.

After searching through records, council staff found that the private road, was the responsibility of Abellio Greater Anglia, the rail franchise which run the station.

'Please can you review the situation as a matter of urgency and authorise works without delay. It would be tragic if this led to a fatal or serious injury accident.'

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Ken Bloodworth, chairman of the North Yarmouth Road Safety Group, said: 'It is an accident waiting to happen. I have gone round there and seen people trying to cross over and vehicles go straight through.

'The thing is there is nothing really there to them there is a crossing there. The lines have faded and they should be repainted and some lights should be put up so you can see it is a crossing.'

An Abellio Greater Anglia spokesperson said: 'We are grateful for the feedback from councillor Castle. We are currently liaising with the appropriate authorities to address the issue.'

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