Calls for repairs on Dereham’s main car park after Remembrance Day parade fall

Dereham councillor Robin Goreham has issued an urgent plea for potholes at the entrance to the town's biggest car park to be fixed once and for all after a man tripped and suffered 'nasty injuries' during the town's Remembrance Day parade.

The member of the Royal Air Forces Association hurt his wrist and scraped his knees after the fall as he walked out of the Cherry Tree car park on Sunday.

The area has been at the centre of a long-running wrangle.

Breckland Council owns the car park – but a strip of land at the main entrance is owned by a private landowner who lives abroad.

Swanton Morley Parish Council chairman Roger Atterwill got so frustrated by the lack of action to repair the holes a while back that he did some filling-in work himself.

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But there remains a problem, and Mr Goreham told fellow town councillors that it had to be resolved.

At the town council meeting on Tuesday, Mr Goreham congratulated the Royal British Legion for the parade and said the turnout was fantastic. But he said there would be even more people in the town for the Light Dragoons' welcome home parade on December 5 and the holes had to be sorted out before then,

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'Common sense needs to prevail. This is our main car park. How many people have to fall over and how many cars have to have damage to their suspensions for something to be done? The entrance is a disgrace,' said Mr Goreham.

Robert Hambidge suggested finding 'a couple of hundred pounds' to fill the holes in. But town clerk Tony Needham said if the work was done by the town council it would take on the responsibility for the holes.

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