Call to improve city centre’s green spaces following report

Tombland and Tombland Alley Photo:Sonya Duncan

Tombland and Tombland Alley Photo:Sonya Duncan - Credit: Eastern Daily Press � 2009

A rallying cry to embrace community spirit and improve the appearance of some of Norwich's green areas has been issued by a city conservation group.

An audit of small green spaces was carried out over a total of 32 sites within the city centre, picked out at random, and highlighted areas of concern.

Some of the worst culprits included grass and beds at Horseferry Loke and St Faith's Lane, next to Prince of Wales - which also scored low for its island near Rose Lane - and the area around Farmer's Avenue, Cattle Market, and Golden Ball Street.

Roy Holmes is the chairman of Norwich Society's Civic Environment Committee - the organisation which carried out the audit - and hoped the report would encourage people to help out with improvements.

He said: 'Norwich being what it is, it is very well known for its beauty, including things like flower beds. It would be so nice for the visitors and residents of Norwich to see the city as aesthetically pleasing.

'We had reports that some areas were not looking too great so we picked some sites out at random within the city walls to look at. Some were smaller and some larger sites.'

The audit saw areas being marked in different categories and included a description of the site, information about planting (such as grass, hedges, shrubs, trees, flowers), any additions (such as paths, hard areas, seats, bins, sculptures, play equipment), and how the amenity was used.

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It also looked at the general state of the areas and marks were given between one and four - with four being the worst. Things such as litter, weeds and overall impression were all graded.

Mr Holmes added: 'To a certain extent we were not completely disappointed but we thought some areas could do with a bit of TLC. We understand the financial constraints of the council so generally we thought it would be an idea to do the report and make people aware we are looking at this.

'We have got to try and be proactive and we have tried not to make a report which criticised too much. We hope it's been worthwhile.'

The committee carried out two audits of the same sites, one in May and one in August 2016.

- Have you been involved in a project to improve some of the city's green spaces? Email reporter Donna-Louise Bishop at or call 01603 772326.

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