Call for action on ‘extremely dangerous’ stretch of road following woman’s death

The A12, Frostenden near Gypsy Lane.Picture: Nick Butcher

The A12, Frostenden near Gypsy Lane.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The tragic death of a woman in a crash on the A12 has sparked further calls for the road's safety issues to be tackled.

The A12, Frostenden near Gypsy Lane.Picture: Nick Butcher

The A12, Frostenden near Gypsy Lane.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Parish council members from the area around the crash offered their condolences to the victim, but added that they have been campaigning for changes to that section of the road.

Police confirmed a female passenger in a Peugoet 206 has died following a collision with a black Isuzu D-Max at the Gypsy Road junction at around 6pm on Wednesday.

The driver of the Peugeot was airlifted to Addenbrookes' Hospital in Cambridge with the Isuzu driver escaping with cuts and bruises.

Malcolm Rendle, chairman of Frostenden, Uggeshall and South Cove Parish Council, said the tragedy showed the need for the A12 to be improved to reduce the potential for accidents.

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He said: 'Our condolences go out to the family of the victim. It is very upsetting.

'I don't know the details of what happened, but that particular stretch of road has been raised at parish council meetings certainly since I have been chairman.

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'There are three junctions off the stretch of the road within 400 yards and visibility is extremely poor.

'We have pushed for a reduction in the speed limit and I understand that we have made representations to Suffolk Highways about this because of this danger.'

He added: 'There are very often tractors and lorries making deliveries to the farms and you come out across the road almost completely blind.

'This tragic incident highlights what we have been pushing for, for quite some time.'

David Watson, councillor on Frostenden Parish Council, called on Suffolk Highways to act to reduce potential accidents.

He said: 'On behalf of the parish council we offer our sincere condolences to all those affected by this tragic accident.'

'The parish council and various individuals have been campaigning with Suffolk Highways about this, what we consider extremely dangerous, stretch of road.'

He added: 'You talk to any local, it is a very dangerous stretch of road with lay-bys on it, private residents going directly onto the A12 and road junctions round blind corners.

'Why is this still 60mph? If you count the painted on slows on the tarmac between Wrentham and here it is around twelve and that should tell you something.'

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