Caister playing field needs your help to receive a much needed grant

Caister playing field. Photo: Caister Playing Field Management Committee

Caister playing field. Photo: Caister Playing Field Management Committee - Credit: Casiter Playing Field Management Committee

Caister's playing field has been nominated through Aviva's Community Fund to receive a minimum of £200 to help the facility.

Patrick Hacon, Trustee and Treasurer of Caister Playing Field Management Committee (CPFMC) said: 'For years, CPFMC who run the charity have just kept their head above water financially, but in recent times the cost of maintaining a large sports pavilion have increased to necessitate a fund rasing push.

'Typically, each year the committee need to find around £14,717. Each month the Saturday football teams see around 120 people using the facilities each month, there are also two full size youth teams every week and two teams of mini soccer that play every two weeks, which brings in around 160 players and 160 parents.

'The facility ranges from Summer Cricket, Summer Bowls and football. The age range the playing field caters for is from toddlers to pensioners. Other events are held at the facility other than sports, including Weight Watchers, Chatterbox Carers, Friday Youth Club, Tiny Tots, Harbour Lights Spiritualists and monthly Flegg Disabled and Women's institute for Bingo.

We don't just reply on grants, we also receive money from all clubs paying fees, including season fees and lease fees.

'The playing Field is the only outdoor public sporting facility in a large and expanding village.

'We have a good relationship with the Caister Parish Council who help with advice and a good deal of financial assistance although our main annual grant comes from the Borough Council as a concurrent functional grant the village had the field since 1959.'

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Mr Hacon added: 'If we are successful with the Aviva Community Fund application, it will enable the football and cricket clubs to achieve greater success with much improved playing areas.

A joint submission by the Football and Cricket Clubs has secured stage one of the Aviva Community Fund where voting for our project is under way. Hopefully the CPFMC will meet its target by securing extra funds to address some of our pressing needs at the pavilion and the field in general.

To vote for the playing field to win a community fund, visit