Norse Group: Looking forward to a bright future

Mike Britch, managing director of Norse Group.

Mike Britch, managing director of Norse Group. - Credit: Archant

In this column I have looked at topics that affect local businesses and the region's commercial sustainability, and one common theme has emerged – the confidence in, and strength of, our economic future.

Despite understandable concern over the uncertainty of Brexit, my conversations with business leaders indicate a confidence that our area is in good health and open for business.

Norfolk has ambitious growth plans – 73,000 more homes, 57,000 more jobs and 5,300 new businesses by 2026 – which have been made significantly more achievable through our City Deal with government. If negotiations on a devolution deal come to a positive conclusion, this will add further impetus. We are already establishing world-class hubs for advanced engineering, bio-and agri-sciences research, aviation skills training, and energy, essentially exporting Norfolk and its skills to other areas of the UK and abroad. Our economy is changing, diversifying from industries such as insurance into more technology and research, alongside the traditional industries of agriculture and tourism. The future depends on high-quality digital and transport infrastructures, affordable housing, and new skill sets.

Norfolk has diversity and significant growth potential and, with its proven determination and ability to adapt to changing economic conditions, I am confident it faces an optimistic future.

Mike Britch is managing director of Norse Group.

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