A Norwich bar is making a stand against skyrocketing energy prices by taking things back to basics.

Arboretum in St Benedicts Street is swapping lights and heating for lanterns, a lit fireplace and blankets from next week.

Gregory Williams, 31, opened the premises in summer 2018 having previously managed bars while studying fine art at Norwich University of the Arts.

It combines his other passion for antiques, with a range of curiosities available to buy, and his four dogs, Big Dillon, Little Dylan, Butterscotch and Booker, greet guests.

The cosy bar boasts Victorian décor and serves beers from St Peter's Brewery in Bungay alongside cocktails using historic recipes.

A big change in response to the cost of living crisis will make it truly reminiscent of a bygone era.

Mr Williams said: "I'm in the same boat as a lot of people in the industry as after all the Covid lockdowns we still have cash to pay back, which looms over us.

"Now the energy bills are going up and the price of stock too - for example the price of lime juice tripled in cost in the last month.

"I was looking at my bottom line and wanted to do something positive out of a negative.

"It is a Victorian-themed bar and this will both cut costs and also make it an immersive experience."

He will instead be using gas lanterns, lighting the genuine Victorian fireplace and providing blankets in colder areas.

The ingenuity doesn't stop there with a wind-up card machine and gramophones for music too.

The glassware will also be washed by hand and beers will be served the traditional way at room temperature.

Mr Williams added: "There has been lots of excitement and I think it will please everyone as it is both good for the climate and takes things back to the traditional way.

"This is an extreme version, but there is no reason why other pubs can't do something like this."

It is found at number 43 with a secret entrance and is open from 5pm to 10pm Tuesday to Friday and from 12noon to 10pm on Saturday.