Britannia Enterprises, which ran a number of cafes in Norwich, has collapsed into liquidation owing £629,739.

Eastern Daily Press: Davina Tanner at Café Britannia. Picture: Matt Keal / mattkealphotographyDavina Tanner at Café Britannia. Picture: Matt Keal / mattkealphotography (Image: Copyright:mattkealphotography)

Britannia Enterprises has fallen into liquidation - owing more than £600,000 to creditors.

The community interest company (CIC) previously ran cafes across the city, including Café Britannia at HMP Norwich, Park Britannia at Waterloo Park, Gibraltar Gardens in Heigham Street, Court Britannia at Norwich Crown Court, and Guildhall Britannia in the city centre.

A community interest company is a business run as a social enterprise, which aims to use its profits and assets for the public good.

MORE: Stricken cafe owed £380,000 but boss insists government is to blame for closure The company's main role was to rehabilitate serving prisoners by offering them jobs in their various cafes.

The CIC, led by businesswoman Davina Tanner MBE, has now appointed liquidators Stewart Bennett to wind down the company, owing a total of £629,739.

The greatest amount owed is to Brand Strategy Partners, a management consultancy and financial management practise.

This firm is reportedly owed £94,722 and is also owned by Ms Tanner.

Ms Tanner also put funds into the business herself in the form of a director's loan. She is listed as crediting the company £45,000.

HMP Norwich is also owed £90,000.

This could be for a range of reasons, including rent for the premises in Knox Road or for the prisoner's wages - of which the prison retains a portion.

Employees are also directly listed as being owed £65,000 by the company.

The taxman is also owed a share, with HM Revenue Customs owed £34,132 for VAT.

It owes a further £5,000 in pay-as-you-earn tax.

The liquidator's report also shows that it will be difficult for the business to repay creditors with its assets valued at £9,284 to offset the debt.

This is significantly down on the assets listed in the company's final accounts, when in December 2017 it had assets totalling £287,371.

Café Britannia closed this summer following a dispute with the Ministry of Justice.

Gibraltar Gardens is now also closed.

The Park Britannia at Waterloo Park has now been taken over by a sole trader.

Any creditors who have not been listed on the liquidators report have been asked to contact Stewart Bennett directly via its website.