A glamping site born out of the pandemic has been given permission to welcome holidaymakers all summer long.

Hengrave Meadow Glamping was opened last summer by Duncan Smith at his two-acre meadow in Swannington, near Reepham.

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The venture was launched after Covid forced the shutdown of Mr Smith's previous firm, GGS, which hired and built exhibition stands for events across the country.

Hengrave Meadow hosted guests in July and August 2021 under rules which allow people to use their land for an alternative purpose over a short period - without needing formal planning permission.

But, after lodging a bid with Broadland District Council, Mr Smith has been told he can stay open from May to September as a seasonal holiday destination.

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He said: "We always intended for this to be a long-term thing. Things like building the shepherd's hut which houses the bathrooms has been a costly exercise.

"We maybe thought the council would not give us planning permission in case there were too many glamping sites already, so this is great news.

"The fact we have been granted the permission means we can now run a successful site for five months of the year.

"We have already contacted some of those who stayed last time and they have already booked to come back."

The emphasis at Hengrave Meadow, which last year attracted visitors from as far afield as London, Manchester and Birmingham, is very much on offering a luxury stay in private, picturesque surroundings.

The site has three bell tents and, in a bid to maintain the peacefulness, Mr Smith does not plan to add anymore.

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Each tent is isolated, while visitors have access to their own private bathroom.

"We didn't want to be greedy," added the 62-year-old. "We always wanted to go for quality, not quantity.

"The whole point is that it is luxurious, peaceful and people have got their own space.

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"You often come across sites where the accommodation is regimented and packed together. We have got this wonderful meadow, full of wildlife and trees dotted around, and the tents themselves are deluxe.

"It feels like we are doing something different and people really love it. We want coming here to be more of an experience."

To book, visit hengravemeadow.co.uk

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