Norwich-based Flagship Group is in talks for a potential partnership that could see it joint-owning thousands of homes across Eastern and Central England.

The property firm, which currently owns more than 32,000 homes across East Anglia, is in discussions with bpha and Future Housing Group that would see the companies taking ownership of up to 60,000 homes across the regions.

Flagship Group is the parent company of a number of brands including Flagship Homes, Newtide Homes, Samphire Homes and Victory Homes. It also has the brands Flagship Services and Gasway, as well as the charity Hope Stead.

Although talks are only in their early stages, a spokesperson for Flagship Group said that if the partnership went ahead the jobs of its 1,400 staff would not be impacted.

The spokesperson said: "One of the things that all three organisations agree on is not doing anything that puts the jobs of our current employees at risk. We’re approaching this as a partnership based on opportunity not reduction."

The firm, however, said it was too early to say whether the partnership would lead to more jobs being created in the region.

In addition to safeguarding jobs, Flagship Group said that if talks are successful, there would "not be any changes to tenancies or rents" for its more than 76,000 tenants.

Along with owning properties, the company provides a maintenance service, which it said would continue unaffected from the partnership.

A joints statement from the three firms described the partnership as "an exciting, unique opportunity" that would bring together the companies "to make a difference for more people, faster".

The full statement said: "This is an exciting, unique opportunity that will bring together the expertise, capacity and ambition of our three organisations to make a difference for more people, faster.

"Our shared ethos is that customers will be at the centre of a new partnership with services influenced by local need and customer knowledge.

"We share a resolute commitment to be part of strong, regional infrastructure with our partners, to improve opportunities for local people and tackle the many aspects of the housing crisis in Central and East England.

"In these early stages of talks it is clear we have much in common, including geographic synergy, shared priorities, a firm financial footing and a commitment to the importance of local delivery."