A Norfolk beauty salon has won three industry awards in the same year it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The Beauty Shed in Hethersett won three British Hair & Beauty Awards, gaining gold, silver and bronze placements.

The owner of the Norwich Road salon, Lyndsey Gonzalez, said: "To even get into the finals was so exciting let alone win all three categories.

"And I think they all point to our main focus which is our clients."

The salon got a gold award in the East of England and the national award for Employee of the Year, the silver award in the East of England for Best Beauty Salon and the bronze award in the East of England for Best Customer Service.

"Whether they're with us for five minutes or half a day, that people spend their precious free time with you is really humbling," said Lyndsey, 35.

"This might be the only 30 minutes all week that nobody needs them, nobody's asking anything of them - and I want them to enjoy themselves and feel like it was worth it.

Eastern Daily Press: Owner of Beauty Shed, Lyndsey Gonzalez, and her familyOwner of Beauty Shed, Lyndsey Gonzalez, and her family (Image: The Beauty Shed)

"I think the pandemic made everyone realise that they deserve nice things and should invest in themselves more.

"There shouldn't be any guilt involved in making yourself feel good."

The Employee of the Year award was given to Katie Meller, Mrs Gonzalez's first hire.

She said of Katie: "I'm so proud of her. She's only 22 and is already award-winning it's amazing. Getting to work in unison with her and being a mentor is so much fun.

Eastern Daily Press: Beauty Shed's two employees, Katie and AbbeyBeauty Shed's two employees, Katie and Abbey (Image: The Beauty Shed)

Mrs Gonzalez, 35, has been in the industry for 14 years but has wanted to be a beauty therapist since she was a child.

She opened Beauty Shed in 2012 and this year the salon is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

"That I'm still doing this job is amazing, I'm really lucky," she continued.

"I never get that Sunday dread you hear people talking about. This is my passion.

"My clients become like extended family, some people I see multiple times a week.

"I know what's going on in their lives, I know their husband's and children's names. I really care about them.

"Hopefully we'll be here for another 10 years."