Build is battling for a piece of the £100,000 Community Chest giveaway

Left to right James Kearns, Sally Medler, Andy Rose and Christina Brailsford from charity Build who

Left to right James Kearns, Sally Medler, Andy Rose and Christina Brailsford from charity Build who taking part in Community Chest. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

A charity supporting disabled youngsters has joined hundreds of groups taking part in our Community Chest campaign.

Struggling to secure funding, Build, a small Norwich-based group, is hoping to receive a share of January's £15,000 giveaway to help them to continue their services across the county.

Every month the Eastern Daily Press, in association with the Norfolk Community Foundation, will be awarding cash to non-profit community groups - and with £100,000 to giveaway in 2016 the starter packs are flying out of the office.

Build collected their Community Chest box earlier this week.

The charity helps to ensure young people with a range of different disabilities can have a vibrant social life through activities, support and learning.

James Kearns, chief executive, said: 'It is increasingly difficult to generate income due to the various changes in the way social care is funded and from our point of view these kinds of opportunities would enable us to give a wide range of activities to people who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.

'Our social lives are something we take for granted and we need to subsidise the things we do so everyone can take part.'

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The charity costs around £200,000 a year to run and its funding comes from local sponsorships, private donations and charitable trusts.

Mr Kearns, added: 'I have been working in the charity sector for years and it has never been as hard as it is now to get funding, but what I think is great about this campaign is that small charities have a chance. If it was 1000 or 2000 tokens it would be out of our reach, but this is doable.'

The group are currently crunching numbers to finalise their application, but already know what the money will be used for.

'There are some things that are really important but aren't fun, we would choose to spend our money on something else, one of the things we want to organise is a healthy living workshop. It is very important and helps people better their lives.'

The charity is applying for a piece of the prize part after overwhelming support from the public during its application for the EDP Big Lottery Fund.

The Community Chest collection box is on display at the charity's headquarters in Church House in Church Alley in Norwich.

For more information, rules and an entry form visit

- If you are thinking of taking part or want to share your collection story, email