Bright orange light spotted over Aylsham

A mysterious bright orange light has been spotted travelling over the sky in Aylsham.

The light was spotted by Jean Hawke and her husband David who live in St. Michael's Close, Aylsham, on Sunday night at 9.50pm.

Mrs Hawke said she had been watching television when out of the corner of her eye she saw a bright light low down in the sky which caught her attention.

She said: 'It looked a round shape and at first we thought it might be a Chinese lantern, but it was travelling too fast and the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, from the North, so it must have been powered by something.'

She said she and her husband went outside to get a closer look but could not hear any sound coming from the light which disappeared over some trees.

A spokesman from The Civil Aviation Authority said they did not know what the light could have been as they do not deal with things which fly outside of controlled airspace.

Did you see the orange light or know what it could have been? If so contact Tracey Gray on 01263 513453,

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