Breast milk donor to run Norwich 10k for medical transport charity Serv Norfolk

Breast milk donor Jaqueline Coleman. Picture : ANTONY KELLY

Breast milk donor Jaqueline Coleman. Picture : ANTONY KELLY - Credit: copyright ARCHANT 2017

A mum who donates her breast milk is getting ready to take part in the Norwich 10k Run to raise funds for a charity which delivers her donations to hospitals.

Jaqueline Coleman, a breast milk donor with volunteer Bill Farrow from Serv Norfolk who collects her

Jaqueline Coleman, a breast milk donor with volunteer Bill Farrow from Serv Norfolk who collects her milk for use at local neonatal baby wards. Photo: Jaqueline Coleman. - Credit: Jaqueline Coleman.

Mother-of-two Jacqueline Colman, from Long Stratton, decided to donate breast milk after breastfeeding her daughter Taleya and son Hadley.

Charity Serv Norfolk collects and delivers the milk to nearby hospitals, where it is used to feed babies on the neonatal units.

But the charity is run entirely by volunteers and is desperate to raise money for an extra car to deliver breast milk only. Sometimes the breastfeeding mum has to wait for collection of her milk because the service is stretched.

Mrs Colman said: 'Serv Norfolk operates through the night and because of this, they go unrecognised a lot of the time.

'I breastfed both of my children and this time I decided to donate my breast milk to the Rosie Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge, where it's distributed.

'I am a babies swimming teacher and I come into contact with prenatal babies who are able to digest breast milk easier than formula.

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'Another advantage of breast milk is it helps to build up the babies immune system.'

Mrs Colman had to have blood tests to check she was not passing on any infections. She freezes the milk before contacting Serv Norfolk, which arranges a collection.

The mother says she finds it difficult to fit in training for the Norwich 10k around her two young children and has to wait for a slot when her husband finishes his shift.

'It will be my first 10k race,' she said, 'I have been going out for a run at least once a week and I do online workouts on TV. The exercise has also helped my mental wellbeing as I am at home.

'I am nervous because I have heard the route is quite steep but I am hoping to do it in an hour.

'There is more awareness in Norfolk of breastfeeding now but I find it is not always given a fair chance.'

You can help the Norfolk mum raise money for Serv Norfolk by visiting

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