Brave team prepares for sky dive to raise funds for Bridge For Heroes, based in King’s Lynn

Preparing for their charity skydive are (from left) Borough mayor Colin Manning, Julie Manning, Mike

Preparing for their charity skydive are (from left) Borough mayor Colin Manning, Julie Manning, Mike Taylor, Kelly Seaman, Keith Varney, Laura Catlow, Emma Boler, Charles Dennett and Paul Holley-Smith. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

An enthusiastic team of six jumpers are preparing to take to the skies to raise money for a west Norfolk charity.

Their brave efforts will support Bridge For Heroes, which helps the armed forces community, veterans and their families.

On May 4 Emma Boler, Paul Holley-Smith, Keith Varney, Laura Catlow, Charles Dennett - or 'Posh Charles' as he is known on KLFM - and Kelly Seaman will meet at the North London Skydiving Centre to jump from around 13,000ft from an aircraft.

For Paul Holley-Smith, a voluntary services manager at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn, the jump will be his 14th.

'The second jump is the worst because you know what is going to happen. It's a sensation you have never experienced before. The survival instinct kicks in and some people panic while some people love it. And you get a fantastic view.'

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The ex-forces veteran, 55, said he thought the sky dive would be a 'great' way to raise funds for Bridge For Heroes.

Each supporter is aiming to raise a minimum of £500 for the charity which supports 65 veterans a month in King's Lynn and west Norfolk.

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Emma Boler's husband is ex-forces and they were service users when he was made redundant.

The 29-year-old, of Tilney St Lawrence, said a sky dive was something she had always wanted to do and a few months before her 30th birthday was the perfect time to take on the challenge.

'Everything happens for a reason as they say,' she added.

Laura Catlow, 31, of Wereham, will also be performing the tandem sky dive for the first time - which will involve a free fall until around 5,000 feet from the ground.

'I am a little bit nervous but I am really looking forward to it as it's such a good cause and I am proud to be doing it for Bridge For Heroes.'

Mike Taylor, chief executive for Bridge For Heroes, said he thought the team was very 'commendable' and 'brave'.

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