Reader letter: Why all the negativity about Great Yarmouth?

Brandon Lewis Picture: PA / David Mirzoeff

Brandon Lewis Picture: PA / David Mirzoeff - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

I must admit that I am disappointed with the negativity towards our town, our country and our own MP.

The town this year has had a huge amount of money spent on road improvements, business investment, sewage improvements and a thrilling air show.

The Rt Honourable Brandon Lewis has worked tirelessly to ensure we are a point that is noticed on the map, which can be apparent by the £98 million secured for the third river crossing.

I must admit that I disagree with my dear friend, Judith Daniels, that we need another vote on Brexit. Brexit is going to happen!

We are going to leave the single market and customs union; we are going to end free movement and we are going to take back control of our laws.

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All of this can be achieved as well as keeping a good relationship with the EU.

Thousands of people voted in the Brexit referendum for the first time ever giving democracy the benefit of the doubt that their vote would count and mean something.

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We cannot show those people how little their vote might mean!

May the town continue in this positive trend with the help of a strong MP and strong council and may this strong council carry on at the next local election.

Daniel Candon

Isaacs Road


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