'Hugely grateful' - Man's thanks to helpers after bike accident

Sheringham and Cromer Choral Society chairman Bob Cumber at St Peter's Church, Sheringham, where a n

Bob Cumber, from Sheringham, was helped by members of the public after he was knocked off his bike.  - Credit: Archant

Being knocked out of your saddle onto the surface of the road is something every cyclist dreads.

But thankfully for Sheringham 72-year-old Bob Cumber, there were several kind-hearted and quick-witted people nearby who came to his aid following an accident he was involved in on Sunday, December 27.

Suffering concussion, he was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, where a medical team found he had a slight bleed on his brain. 

After several days as an in-patient, Mr Cumber was sent home and is now recovering well.

Bob Cumber said he wanted to thank the members of the public, emergency services and hospital staff who helped him after...

Bob Cumber said he wanted to thank the members of the public, emergency services and hospital staff who helped him after the accident. - Credit: Supplied by Bob Cumber

He said: "I have no memory of the actual incident but I do know that several people came to help me and the police and ambulance were quickly on the scene.

"I particularly wish to thank Iain and Wilma Vanquish who called the ambulance and remained with me as well as the two ladies who fetched my wife Anne to the scene.

"The people at the N&N were also brilliant.

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"I was straight through to the emergency department, it seemed I was having a CT scan for my head very quickly and then it was onto a ward.

"The staff work 12-hour shifts constantly without complaint. They're always cheerful and I take my hat off to all of them, they're so committed to the work they do."

Mr Cumber was not far from his house, cycling around the Sheringham War Memorial roundabout, when he was knocked off his bike and sustained a head injury as well as extensive bruising.

"I was going around the roundabout when I was aware of a car edging out from the north side, and I've got no recollection from that point onwards.

"As far as I can make out people stopped and helped immediately. I was clearly concussed by the accident. 

"The next thing I'm aware of is being seated against a garden wall being seen to by the police and ambulance, who were on the scene very quickly, for which I am hugely grateful."

Mr Cumber said his bike was not badly damaged in the crash, and he planned to get back in the saddle, as it is his usual means of getting to the shops. 

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