Blackbirds choose wheely bizarre place for nest in Oulton

WHEN a pair of blackbirds decided it was time to build their nest, they settled on what they considered a quiet and sheltered location.

But unbeknown to them, they had chosen a very 'mobile home'.

The blackbirds have opted to build their nest in the wheel-arch of lorry owned by Oulton Broad couple Debbie Rounce and Gary Coleman.

The couple were stunned to find the nest on Sunday after spending the weekend driving around in the vehicle, taking Debbie's horse to dressage events.

On Saturday, the couple drove to Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre in Great Yarmouth and on Sunday they went to Easton College, near Norwich, so Debbie could compete and train with her horse, Hermione.

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Remarkably, it appears the female blackbird remained on her nest while the lorry travelled to Easton.

Debbie, 49, and Gary, 50, first became aware that they had an extra passenger on board when they heard a chirping noise coming from the lorry during the drive to Easton on Sunday morning.

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When they arrived at the event, they saw the female blackbird fly away.

'I heard chirping coming from beneath where I was sitting, but when we stopped she flew off,' Debbie said.

What happened then remains something of a mystery. But while they were competing, it appears the bird must have returned to her nest and made the 30-mile journey back to the Lowestoft area – because soon after arriving at Debbie's dressage arena at Oulton, she reappeared.

'We got back home and after getting Hermione out of the lorry and sorting her out we saw the blackbird was back! She was chirping away happily,' Debbie said. 'It is just amazing to think there is a blackbird nest there. It is very unusual.'

Debbie, who lives in Hall Road, Oulton Broad, said that since becoming aware of the nest, she has avoided using the lorry to go to dressage events and training. But, although she is unsure if there are eggs in the nest, she hopes that the female bird's unexpected journey will not prevent her raising a healthy clutch of young.

As previously reported in The Journal, Debbie, who is registered disabled after being born without fingers on her right hand, has been told she could have chance of performing at the 2016 Paralympics in Brazil in the dressage.

Debbie and Hermione are being instructed by Jane Hodge of Pakefield.

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