Blackbird finds unusual place to build its nest

A blackbird has made its home in the wheel arch of a new car at a car dealership in Diss.

A blackbird has made its home in the wheel arch of a new car at a car dealership in Diss. - Credit: Archant

The wheel arch of a car may not seem the safest place to build a nest but that hasn't stopped a blackbird from doing just that.

For the past four weeks the bird has been flying in and out of the nest it has built on the wheel of a new Vauxhall Viva car at the Thurlow Nunn Vauxhall dealer on Victoria Road in Diss.

The car is situated at the back of the showroom and is ready to be moved to the forecourt to be put up for sale.

However sales manager Stevan Wilson has said the director of the company has told staff the nest must not be moved.

Mr Wilson said: 'It is something I have never experienced and I have been in the motor industry for 20 years.

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'We did not notice the bird had started building the nest. We move around out here and the blackbird just comes and goes. There has been a lot of noise coming from the nest so we don't imagine it will be too long before they go.'

Staff at the car dealership have put water and bird seed down.

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Mr Wilson added: 'We cannot move the nest because the arch of the Viva is higher than other cars so the nest is custom built to that car. I have a £8,000 car sitting here that I cannot do anything with.

'It is something a bit different.'

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