Big cat spotted twice over past few days in north Norfolk.

A mysterious panther-type black cat has been spotted twice over the past few days in north Norfolk.

A black cat creature was spotted on Wednesday at around 4pm when it crossed a road in front of someone as they were driving past the old RAF Coltishall site towards Buxton.

The sighting comes after a puma like creature was seen near Worstead by a man, who wishes to remain anonymous, on Saturday evening just after 7pm.

The man said he saw the animal as he passed the second exit to the Heinz Factory, the creature, which was jet black, jumped from a hedge on to the road before running off.

He said: 'It was too big to be a domestic cat but it moved like a cat and was too sleek to be a dog.'

In June an Aylsham woman, who asked not to be named, said she spotted a large cat in the grounds of the National Trust's Felbrigg Hall at about 5pm in late April.

Sylvia Phillips, of Plumstead Road East, Norwich, said she and her husband were driving from Dereham to Scarning at the beginning of June when a jet-black cat had appeared in the middle of the empty road ahead and 'stood there.'

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Sightings of big black cats in the wild have been regular occurrences all over Norfolk in recent years. But no conclusive evidence of their existence has yet been produced.

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