Betty’s 100th birthday party... at last

The wait for a 100th birthday is always a long one – but great-great-grandmother Betty Price had to show a little extra patience.

She had been due to celebrate her centenary on Christmas Day, but an injury to her leg meant that she spent her birthday wearing a bandage rather than a party hat.

However, the delay gave Mrs Price the chance for double the fun – her family moved their Christmas Day meal to New Year's Day, and she celebrated her birthday on Saturday, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

'We had a smashing day on New Year's Day with so many presents and, now, after the birthday party, I don't know where I'm going to put everything,' she said.

As well as a singalong and meal, guests at Mrs Price's party at Palgrave House, operated by Circle Support in Hellesdon, had the chance to learn some secrets about the woman herself thanks to a family poster entitled '100 things you may not know about Betty'.

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The list included her likes – Werther's Originals, Bailey's Irish cream, darts and speedway – and dislikes – seafood and mice – along with a couple of lesser-known pieces of trivia, like her flight in a Tiger Moth plane and the fact she has never travelled abroad in her life.

'My husband wouldn't fly and I wouldn't cruise, so we never went abroad,' she said.

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'I remember the time I flew in the Tiger Moth. Someone dared me to do it, and so I did it. That's how I was.

'I wasn't even strapped in, and I remember seeing all the people on the ground, like little sheep.' After growing up in Cheshire, Mrs Price married her husband John in 1934, and they had one daughter, Helen, who died in 1967, aged 31, leaving an eight-year-old daughter.

Mr and Mrs Price moved to Ipswich after the Second World War, and spent over 50 years in Suffolk as they raised their granddaughter Julie.

Mrs Price moved to Norwich 16 years ago and says she likes it 'better than anywhere I have ever lived.'

She added: 'When my husband was alive we used to come up here from Ipswich to watch the speedway all the time.

'I feel at home here. It just feels so nice.'

Julie Green, support coordinator, said 'Betty has always been such a bright and happy person throughout the 14 years she's been living at Palgrave House.

'And because she's well-known for loving a good party, everyone has done what they can to give Betty a 100th birthday celebration she can be proud of.'

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