Bereaved families in Norwich remember lost children

Lost little ones were remembered by their bereaved parents and family members as angel-shaped balloons were released into the sky today.

The emotional moment was part of an open remembrance day at St Catherine's Church, in Mile Cross, which was organised by Treasured Dreams, a support group for people who have lost children.

Twenty-nine-year-old Claire Marritt, from Hunter Road, founded the group after her daughter Ellie was stillborn in November 2004.

Mrs Marritt said: 'The day was for bereaved parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents, who have all lost a baby or a child. We met up to have a chat and to share our photos and stories, which was lovely. It helps to be with people who have been through similar experiences.'

During the afternoon the group let off 12 white biodegradable balloons in the shape of angels, which had the names of the children being remembered written on them.

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As she watched the heavenly figures rise higher and higher in the sky, Mrs Marritt said: 'The balloons are symbolic. It is like sending a gift to your child. We imagine that they are up there and they will receive the balloons and be excited by their gifts.

'Balloons are like a sign of happiness and they are for children. We think of the balloons as being full of love and we are sending them our love.'

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