Performer's lockdown life poems turned into book

Norfolk comedy performer Ben Langley.

Norfolk comedy performer Ben Langley. - Credit: Ben Langley

Poems reflecting on daily lockdown life written by variety performer Ben Langley which proved popular online have been turned into a book.

Ben Langley Poems on the run is made up of 85 pieces, which have a comical light-hearted edge, and were created each morning by the Tacolneston comedian and actor during the two national lockdowns.

The book cover for Ben Langley Poems on the run.

The book cover for Ben Langley Poems on the run. - Credit: Ben Langley

They were then recorded during his daily two-mile runs in the Norfolk countryside.

Mr Langley, who has been entertaining audiences for 30 years as well as writing for top comedy acts including Joe Pasquale and Cannon and Ball, became a household name in 2018 with his misheard lyrics act on Britain's Got Talent in 2018.

But last year, as with many other creative industry professionals, work for the comedian stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He came up with the idea of writing poems initially to give him a sense of routine and purpose and after posting video recordings of his poems on Facebook and YouTube pages, they attracted positive comments.

Norfolk performer Ben Langley.

Norfolk performer Ben Langley. - Credit: Ben Langley

Mr Langley, a father-of-two who was furloughed as a comedy consultant for Potters Resort in Hopton, said: "I started them because when we went into the first lockdown all my gigs were cancelled. It was like the rug had been pulled out from under me and the whole of the entertainment world.

"The poems became quite important to me. I like to think I put a smile on people's faces when they were finding things difficult in dark times. I felt lucky."

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The poems were on simple observations including Amazon delivery drivers who were busy during that period.

"My brain is always active. I'm always writing stuff and I needed to keep the engine running," he added.

The performer said it was different writing for himself rather than other people and he even drew the illustrations for each poem despite describing his artistic talents as "bad".

Mr Langley said he has always received great support from Norfolk audiences and was hopeful this year would be better for live performances.

He added: "I feel hopeful to put dates in the diary. There is light at the end of the tunnel."

For information about the book visit or follow @benlangley on Twitter and Benlan9ley07 on Instagram.

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