Broadcaster and UEA professor launches new book series

Dr Ben Garrod, evolutionary biologist originally from Great Yarmouth, with a claw for his show about

UEA professor Ben Garrod is launching a series of books around evolutionary biology for children. - Credit: Denise Bradley

A BBC broadcaster is making evolutionary biology accessible for children with his new book series.

Professor Ben Garrod, who currently teaches at Norwich's University of East Anglia, is launching a full-colour series in which he explores the forces that have threatened the existence of eight iconic species.

The first three books of the eight-part The Story of Life on Earth will publish this month, focusing on extinct creatures like trilobites and hallucigenia, a spiky worm from 443 million years ago.

Two more volumes will follow in October, including a focus on everyone's favourite dinosaur the Tyrannosaurus Rex, with the final three to come in 2022.

Prof Garrod's knowledge will be augmented by the work of top palaeoartist Gabriel Ugueto, the Florida-based scientific illustrator whose meticulously researched art will teach readers more about these fascinating creatures.