‘I wouldn’t want to take credit’ - MP praised for helping woman in her 90s who suffered a fall

Waveney MP Peter Aldous who helped a woman who had fallen. Picture NICK BUTCHER.

Waveney MP Peter Aldous who helped a woman who had fallen. Picture NICK BUTCHER. - Credit: Nick Butcher

The heart of two communities shone through as well-wishers - including an MP - rushed to help people injured in two serious falls.

Caister High Street. Picture: James Bass

Caister High Street. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

In Beccles, a woman in her 90s suffered a fall at around midday on Saturday, while a man in Caister also fell and suffered a head injury on the same day.

Passers-by in both communities rushed to their aid, with Waveney MP Peter Aldous among those on the scene in Beccles as well-wishers rallied around in support.

He said: 'I wouldn't want to take credit myself, but it was a real positive note and very much a plus point the way the community reacted.

'The key thing in situations like this is to keep the person warm and there were a lot of people providing coats and blankets to cover her while we waited for the ambulance to arrive.

London Road, Beccles. GOOGLE MAPS.

London Road, Beccles. GOOGLE MAPS. - Credit: Archant

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'When the ambulance came they were very good, handled the situation well and made her comfortable.

'I have come across this before. I was on Lowestoft High Street last winter and there was a man who had a fall. A rapid response vehicle came out and sorted it.'

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A post on the Enjoy Beccles More Facebook page paid tribute to the community for their response.

User Pat B Pmt said: 'The children's charity shop donated blankets and the Cancer Research shop a thick quilt and sleeping bag to cover her with.

'Some wonderful helpers sat on the floor talking and reassuring her until the ambulance arrived. Peter Aldous stayed with her and called every number he could muster to get the lady help.

'No questions asked, just people wanting to help. The good people of Beccles definitely didn't let her down. If it had to happen, thank god it happened in Beccles.'

Meanwhile, on Saturday in Caister, on the High Street, a man was also helped by passers-by after a fall.

Posting on public Facebook group Caister Local Chat, Corinne Smith said: 'I would like to thank all the people who stopped to help us today on High Street, Caister, after my brother-in-law fell by the roundabout while crossing the road. Especially Lee who provided a first aid kit and Laura who helped support Terry while I tried to stem the blood. Many more pulled up in their cars or were passing by.

'It restored my faith in people.'

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