BBC Springwatch 2021 in Norfolk - what we know so far

Two male beavers have been released into the territories of two female beavers at Wild Ken Hill in S

A beaver gets to work at Wild Ken Hill, on part of 1,000 acres of land which is being handed back to nature - Credit: Wild Ken Hill

Springwatch is returning to Norfolk for two weeks of live broadcasts. Here's what we know so far.

Where is it being filmed?

The BBC's flagship nature programme is pitching up at Wild Ken Hill, on the coast near Snettisham - a farm where more than 1,000 acres of woodland, heath and wetland are being returned to nature.

Wild Ken Hill

Wetlands seen from the air at Wild Ken Hill - Credit: AWPR

Why are they doing that?

The team behind the Ken Hill project believe re-wilding is the only way to tackle the loss of diversity and tackle climate change.

How's it going to work?

Hedgerows are being left uncut, low-lying land allowed to revert to wetland and areas which are still farmed will be tended without pesticides of ploughing.

It is hoped the beavers will improve wetland habitat and help to stave off the impacts of climate ch

It is hoped the beavers will improve wetland habitat and help to stave off the impacts of climate change with their dams Picture: Wild Ken Hill - Credit: Wild Ken Hill

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What about the beavers?

Springwatch will have its cameras trained on a woodland, where four of the animals have been introduced to help manage the landscape with their dams, creating new habitat for other species including voles, fish, otters and insects.

What else are we going to see?

Exmoor ponies and red poll cattle roam freely to graze the grassland, while Tamworth pigs rootle around in the woods and turn the soil. There are also rare bugs and bats waiting to be discovered.

Exmoor ponies

Exmoor ponies which graze at Wild Ken HIll - Credit: AWPR/Wild Ken Hill

How about the birds?

Birds of all kinds have returned to Ken Hill. Red kites soar overhead, while marsh harriers and goshawks prowl the wetlands. The woods are home to woodpeckers and songbirds galore, lapwing nest out on the tussocky grassland, while the marshes are home to avocets and a wealth of waterfowl.  

How close will we get?

With ore than 30 remote cameras installed around the estate, we shouldn't miss much. One has even been hidden in a barn owl's nesting box. More have been trained on the beaver enclosure, ready to capture the nocturnal creatures.

Programme Name: Springwatch 2021 - TX: n/a - Episode: Springwatch 2021 presenters (No. n/a) - Pictur

Springwatch presenters Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams - Credit: BBC/Jo Charlesworth

Who's presenting it?

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan will be hosting the Norfolk part of the show, while Iolo Williams will be presenting form the Highlands of Scotland and Gillian Burke from Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland.

When can we see it?

Springwatch returns from Tuesday, May 25 for two weeks, when it will be broadcasting live every evening from Tuesday to Friday on BBC2.

The rewilding area at the Wild Ken Hill estate in west Norfolk

Guided tours have been launched for visitors to explore the rewilding area at the Wild Ken Hill estate in west Norfolk - Credit: Wild Ken Hill