Bandaged up in a sling- the duck whose leg was broken on the Reffley Estate, in King’s Lynn

RSPCA workers are caring for a duck with a broken leg, who may haave been hurt hurt when youths kicked a football at her.

The member of the public stepped in to stop the youths on the Reffley Estate, King's Lynn on Tuesday night.

It is understood that the youths drove away in their car when the member of the public approached them.

The duck was then taken to the RSPCA wildlife centre at East Winch, near King's Lynn, where she was X-rayed and given treatment.

The female juvenile mallard has a fresh fracture to her leg, however it is not known if this as a result of the football being kicked at her or her leg could have been trapped in something.

Vets have splinted and put a dressing on the fracture, and they are currently waiting to see if she still has any feeling in her foot.

Alison Charles centre manager, said: 'It is always very upsetting for me and my staff when we hear of acts of deliberate cruelty against wildlife.

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'This poor duck has a terrible injury and we are now doing all we can to ensure she pulls through, but only time will tell. The fracture could have already been caused before the youths kicked the ball at her, and that's why the duck couldn't get away, and that is really sad to think that she was getting hurt and couldn't escape at all.'

The RSPCA is appealing for information in relation to this incident and anyone with information is urged to call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.

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