Bailey is target of mystery shooter in Lowestoft

This is the loveable Lowestoft cat that has been targeted by a 'cruel' person who has shot at the pet five times with an air rifle type weapon.

Over the last two months Bailey has been shot at five times in the Harris Avenue area, with the latest incident happening between 8pm on Friday and 6.15am on Saturday.

Each attack has seen poor Bailey hit in the front of the body with pellets, leaving him in agony.

The attacks have prompted a police investigation and appeal and have left the cat's owner Katherine Brown, fearing for Bailey's safety.

Mrs Brown, 41 and a mother of four, said: 'Bailey is such a loveable and out going cat and lives running his nose in my face.

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But now he seems afraid to even leave the garden and because of what has happened to him.

'I think the person who has done this is very cruel - how could anyone do that to a cat?'

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A police spokesman said: 'Police are appealing for information after the owner of a pet cat reported it had been shot with an air weapon in the Harris Avenue area five times during the past two months.

'The most recent incident happened between 8pm on Friday and 6.15am with the first incident happening at the beginning of September.

'Police are investigating and are asking anyone with information about who may have shot at the cat to call the Lowestoft North Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01986 835300.'

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