Aylsham siblings to celebrate their birthdays helping refugees in Europe

Ishtar on a previous trip to Calais. (Picture: Cata Parrish)

Ishtar on a previous trip to Calais. (Picture: Cata Parrish) - Credit: Cata Parrish

A pair of Aylsham siblings will mark their birthdays with a difference this year, as the Parrish-Wain children travel to Europe to provide support in the refugee crisis.

Zeke and Ishtar will be celebrating their birthdays by travelling to Europe to help refugees. (Pictu

Zeke and Ishtar will be celebrating their birthdays by travelling to Europe to help refugees. (Picture: Cata Parrish) - Credit: Cata Parrish

University student Zeke will be travelling to Calais with his father on Thursday, June 15 to celebrate his 21st birthday.

His sister Ishtar will be flying to Thessaloniki with her mother Cata in September, to mark her 18th birthday on July 5.

Zeke said: 'If it's achievable and you're in a position to help then you should, it's a small thing for me and for other people like us, but to those in need it means a lot to a lot of people.'

The pair, along with their younger sister 9-year-old Pheadra come from a family of fund raisers, with their parents Cata and Dave Parrish-Wain setting up the Aylsham Refugee Crisis response two years ago.

Since then, members of the family have travelled to France five times, with Paston College student Ishtar requesting a trip to Greece this time around to help those in need further afield.

The pair's mother, Mrs Parrish-Wain said: 'I'm so pleased they've decided to do this. I think it sends a message to other young people that are frustrated about these issues that they can do something about this. Whatever your political beliefs, we can no longer leave it to the politicians.'

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The Hungate Street resident added: 'What's been fantastic is seeing young people, just regular college students donating £10, £20 and £50, which is a lot of money at their age.'

Both Zeke and his father Dave, and Ishtar and her mother, will be working with charity Help Refugees.

Zeke now has a car packed with food, clothes and sleeping bags to drive through the Channel Tunnel to Calais.

Ishtar has set up a crowdfunding page ahead of her trip, and has set a target of £1000 to pay for both her travel, and for further resources for the refugees,

The 17-year old will be working on the site of site of the camp, working in the kitchen, Workshop and Fresh Fruit and Veg Station, which is all entirely run by volunteers.

The family has also organised a Wimbledon Tea event on July 1 at Young's Park in Aylsham. Click here for more information.

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