WATCH: Dashcam captures near miss as car jumps give way line

The white Toyota ignored give way lines and narrowly avoided hitting oncoming traffic. Photo: Submit

The white Toyota ignored give way lines and narrowly avoided hitting oncoming traffic. Photo: Submitted - Credit: Archant

Dashcam footage shows how drivers in a Norfolk town centre are putting others in danger by failing to follow new road rules.

Chris Salter, from Attleborough was on his way home from a meal with his five-month-old daughter and partner on Friday evening when a white Toyota Yaris ignored a give way line and nearly ploughed into the side of his vehicle.

Footage filmed by Mr Salter's dashboard camera shows the Toyota fail to slow down as it approaches the give way line before pulling out and narrowly avoiding the couple's vehicle.

Mr Salter said a motorbike travelling behind them had to swerve to avoid crashing into the back of their car.

The new road layout has been in place in Attleborough since December and many in the town have reported near misses caused by drivers ignoring the changes.

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In February a nine-year-old boy was nearly hit by a car ignoring give way instructions at the same junction seen in Mr Salter's dash cam footage, prompting calls for better signage to indicate the change in priorities.

Norfolk County Council responded by repositioning new signs and refreshing road markings, but urged drivers to pay close attention to the changes.

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Mr Salter said although the junction was difficult to navigate, it was clear where the blame lied.

He said: "It is a very confusing junction as there is four different roads linking together is but there is a give way sign which people ignore. In this case it is definitely the drivers fault."

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