Warning over deadly Asian Tiger mosquitos as temperatures rise

A Culiseta Annulata mosquito. Picture British Pest Control Association.

A Culiseta Annulata mosquito. Picture British Pest Control Association. - Credit: Archant

A mosquito that is capable of carrying deadly diseases and bites throughout the day could flourish this summer, experts have warned.

Eggs of the Asian Tiger mosquito, a small black and white daytime biting insect, were first found in the UK last year.

And experts believes the insect could make re-emerge in the lead up to summer.

'In terms of the Asian Tiger mosquito, it is particularly important that this pest does not get a toe-hold in the UK as it is a species of concern,' said Dee Ward-Thompson from the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). 'They can transmit debilitating and even deadly viruses, including Chikungunya and Dengue fever.

'When it comes to the Asian Tiger mosquito, professional pest control is the first line of defence in protecting the general public, both in identifying the spread of this invasive species and controlling the potentially deadly insect if it gains a foothold in the UK.'

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The warning comes at the start of the flying insect season in the UK and current weather patterns could see numbers soar.

The recent spate of wet weather caused by heavy rainfall, coupled with a rise in spring temperatures, provides a fertile environment for insects such as mosquitoes to flourish.

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And the BPCA is now urging people to take action to stop the insects flourishing.

'Simple, corrective measures include removing still, standing water from areas such as blocked guttering, wheelbarrows and birdbaths,' said Ms Dee Ward-Thompson. 'Water butts can also provide ideal breeding sites for the insects so should be cleaned out regularly.'

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