Asda apologise to angry Norwich mum whose daughter nearly choked on piece of plastic in chicken nugget

Supermarket giant Asda has apologised to a Norwich mum whose daughter nearly choked on a two-inch piece of plastic inside a chicken nugget.

Nicola Hilton, of Dolphin Grove, near Heigham Street, complained to Asda straight away, but was further exasperated after being told it could take up to 60 days for an investigation to be completed.

Mrs Hilton, 22, cooked some of Asda's Chosen by You range chicken nuggets for her five-year-old daughter, Angel-Mika, last Wednesday.

Mrs Hilton said: 'After eating half of one she started coughing and gagged. I checked the nugget and to my horror there was something blue, about two inches long sticking out.

'I took it straight back to the Asda Norwich store (in Boundary Road) and they offered to send it off to be investigated, which could take 60 days.

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'I am very angry that more hasn't been done about a piece of plastic almost choking my daughter and think it's disgusting that we have to wait up to 60 days to find out what it was in her nugget.'

Mrs Hilton has now been given a �10 Asda gift card and an apology after the Evening News contacted Asda to ask for an explanation.

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A spokesman for the supermarket said: 'After investigation with our teams here it appears that the plastic was a piece of soft food-grade plastic, commonly used in food processing factories, that is coloured blue to make it easier to spot should it come into contact with a finished product.

'Unfortunately, it seems on this occasion that despite our best efforts, some plastic did make it through our stringent processes and end up in the finished product. We apologise to the customer for not living up to the high standards we set ourselves, and letting her and her daughter down in the process.'

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