How well do you know the biggest shows on TV? ITV boss says being well-watched is the new well-read

Tv programme Killing Eve. Picture: Robert Viglasky

Tv programme Killing Eve. Picture: Robert Viglasky - Credit: Sid Gentle Films/Robert Viglasky

Forget about being well-read, knowing your stuff about TV shows is the new way to show off at the dinner table.

Gone are the days of using your knowledge of classical music to impress your acquaintances at dinner, and the boss of ITV thinks guests are just as likely to dissect television shows.

Dame Carolyn McCall claims being 'well-watched' has become as important as being well-read, telling a media conference yesterday: 'Conversations around TV now have more of a book club feel. As well as being well-read, you can now be well-watched, and that never really happened before.

'Ice rinks fill up when Dancing On Ice is on, people rush out to buy books featured on TV, ingredients on cookery shows sell out completely and people redesign their gardens and houses based on TV.'

Television shows such as Breaking Bad and Broadchurch are more likely to get people talking than a new book.

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